American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board
ANMCB Renewal Information

By becoming and maintaining your certification year after year you are demonstrating that you are committed to your profession and continuing to learn and grow. Staying current with ANMCB is easy. ANMCB does not designate how or from whom you must obtain your continuing education only the education is healthcare related. 

The ANMCB requires Board Certified professionals to renew each year. You are required to complete 20 continuing education units (CEU's) and submit documentation along with a $150.00 renewal fee in order to keep certification current. Continuing education is essential to staying current and effective in natural health care. The Board will accept 20 CEU's from Natural Health Care Conferences, Conventions, Completed Courses, Seminars, Training Programs, Internship, and Research. Please contact us if you any questions regarding your renewal. Here is a link to print the ANMCB Renewal Form: ANMCB Renewal Form . The Board of ANMCB has approved Continuing Education Programs available for your sections: ANMCB's List of Approved Continuing Education Programs . 

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