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The ANMCB Board Certification Examination is administered several times a year across the United States. Application must be received 30 days prior to exam date. Prepare for the ANMCB Exam with classroom or online prep classes. An examination preparation course is offered at many of the locations two days prior to the exam date. More information below.


AUGUST 28, 2020
Includes Attendance to the
39th Annual American Naturopathic Medical
Association Convention & Educational Seminar
Westgate Las Vegas Resort 
Registration- Open

Application Deadline July 28, 2020
NOW Offered in English and Spanish


You can attend the ANMA Convention |at no additional cost by sitting for the ANMCB Exam.
ANMA Convention Details

Exam Prep Program Available See Below for Options
Future Dates and Locations To Be Announced



The ANMCB Study Guide will be provided to you as an overview of the exam upon receipt of a complete ANMCB application. You have the option to further your exam preparation by taking a Review class. The Exam Review class is not required to take the exam, rather another option in preparing for the exam. 

International Institute of Natural Wellness Education- Know Your Wellness offers an ANMCB Exam Preparation. This course is specifically designed to prepare students for the changes that have come with the 2020 ANMCB exam. This test review includes a series of online modules and interactive trainings with your clinical advisor. It also includes a two day live class on Wednesday and Thursday prior to the ANMCB Exam. This combination of live and online modules is a proven education platform that has made Know Your Wellness a leader in Traditional Naturopathy education. 
Contact directly to register. 


ANMCB Board Certification Exam is offered 
annually in Las Vegas during the ANMA Convention. With the ANMCB Exam Review Course available two days prior to the Exam date at the same location. Please see schedule above for Exam dates and locations. 

If you are unable to travel to the location, you do have the option to have the Exam Proctored in your area and you set the schedule - Date, Time, Location! With an option to take the Exam Review Course online to fit into your schedule. 

The Board grants Candidates the opportunity to take the ANMCB Board Cer­tification Exam by Proctor for an additional $100 administrative fee. You must submit the ANMCB certification application along with a written request stating your reason for the need for Proctoring Services 30 days prior to the examination date. 

Proctoring Services are generally found at your local Library or Community College Testing Centers. The ANMCB Exam Proctoring option is only available in the US.  ANMCB Exam Proctoring Services are availble during limited months- February, March, April, and October. Please contact us for more information to coordinate with the Proctoring Service. Click here for Proctoring guidelines.

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Amendments Act (ADA), the Board will accept applications and make reasonable exam accommodation. The Board will waive the $100 administrative fee and offer the exam year round to qualifying ADA Candidates.

ANMCB Exam Proctoring Option is
Available during the following months:

February, March, April, October

702 914 5770
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